Window Cleaning

Fresh, clean windows with no streaks.

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 You can be confident that you are in safe hands with CASS  as we provide an outstanding service that cleans your windows inside and out to improve the appearance of your business premises.

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Low level windows

Our team at CASS will clean ground floor windows in a safe and efficient manner to keep your windows crystal clear from dirt and smudges. We will clean both internal and external glazing with expert window cleaning techniques. 


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High level cleaning

We can even tackle hard to reach high level windows. With our lightweight carbon fibre pole window clearing service we have the ability to reach window heights of up to 23 metres-the equivalent of cleaning a 6-storey building.


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Window Cleaning with CASS

You might not need every window cleaned each time we visit so we’ll work towards your specific cleaning requirements. For example if you have a glass window front business you might want it cleaned more regularly to create a warm welcome to visitors and staff.


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