Fresh and clean with no streaks

There’s no getting around it – clean windows, inside and out, always make a person feel better. A clean environment boosts mood and can have positive health benefits. Plus, it helps improve the perception of your home or business premises. Hiring a professional also means you won’t need to climb ladders or work with harsh cleaning chemicals.

CASS cleans internal and external glazing on many properties from County Hall in London to high-tech offices in the North East.

As well as using a traditional mop and squeegee, our vehicles are fitted out with the latest in purified water technology and lightweight carbon-fibre poles with a reach of 23 metres – the equivalent of cleaning the windows on a 6-storey building from the ground.

Our window cleaning manager surveys each site and tailors a window-cleaning proposal to suit your needs – on complicated sites, very often this leads to a mixture of window cleaning-techniques.

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