Build customer confidence

Not only do washrooms need to look the part, they need to be free of harmful bacteria. Depending on where they are, toilets can see a high volume of people at certain times of day and with contact points everywhere, hygiene is crucial. Making sure your washroom is spotless makes customers feel safe and they’re more likely to return. If washrooms aren’t clean, loss of custom isn’t the only consequence. The spread of germs from ineffective cleaning and sanitising can lead to an outbreak of highly infectious illnesses such as norovirus, which is not only unpleasant for the victims but, if it’s traced back to your business, you could have to temporarily close.

In restaurants, customers will often use the toilet before ordering. If the washroom isn’t clean, they assume other areas, like the kitchen, are poorly cleaned and take their custom elsewhere. And with social media playing such a huge part in our everyday lives, unhappy customers will think nothing of outing and sharing poor hygiene and dirty washrooms to millions of potential new visitors.

CASS cleans some of the busiest and high-profile washrooms in the UK. They’re a true testament to the high standards we set.

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