Quality Monitoring

Utilising Leading Edge Software

To monitor the performance of our cleaning contracts we use powerful real time quality monitoring software, which is part of our powerful contracts management system, and the latest 4G Tablet Devices. This leading edge software produced specifically for the cleaning industry and bespoke to our needs enables us to check the quality of our operatives work and then share the results with our clients using the Traffic Light system or points scoring.

Joint monitoring can take place between our client and our contracts manager, and at the end of the inspection the client can verify the audit by electronically signing the screen. Reports can then be tailored in a number of formats providing the manager and client alike with useful information and performance scores. Trends are determined and improvements made where necessary

Inspection Process

Inspections and visual checks by our client and CASS management would formulate the basis of our quality monitoring programme. The formalised system described above would be completed to an agreed schedule, and can take place during the day, of if required outside of normal working hours.

A report would be developed between us so as to ensure that CASS is providing important, meaningful information. A number of our clients use our quality audits to supplement their own reporting processes.

A further benefit of introducing a performance measuring system is that it can be easily extended and adapted to encompass the measurement of other contractual services, for example – the monitoring, usage and cost of consumables and also sub-contract services such as washrooms.

These quality monitoring procedures, directly geared to agreed service level performance, we believe greatly reduces the subjectiveness of determining whether an area is clean or not.

We are very happy to work alongside you to develop this system in line with the premises bespoke requirements.

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