Office & Commercial Cleaning

Office and Commercial Cleaning

Grahame Chapman says:
“CASS’s continuing success is based on a professional approach to recruiting motivated, well trained staff that enable us to deliver quality office cleaning services our clients require.”

Deep Cleaning Services.

Infectious diseases pose a threat to the health of everyone in the workspace. Disease can be spread via airborne microbes, bodily fluid or sewage. Outbreaks of an virus can happen at any time and anywhere from your workplace and schools to care homes and hospitals. Ensuring continuous high hygiene standards to prevent the spread of a virus has never been more important than it is today. Our Deep Cleaning Services will put your Staff and Customers mind at ease that the work premises is a safe place to work or visit.

We clean a wide range of facilities, including but not limited to:

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Shops
  • Pubs/Restaurants
  • Sports/Leisure Facilities
  • Manufacturing

This is made possible by:

  • Being very clear about our clients expectations and needs.
  • Flexibility and speed to cope with changes at short notice.
  • Setting standards which can be supported through close supervision.
  • Ensuring everyone knows how vital cleanliness is to our clients success and why.
  • Routinely learning from past performance and making improvements quickly.
  • Paying close attention to ISO 9001.
  • Assigning from the outset a high priority to fulfilling each client’s needs.

Following a full site survey, we will provide for you a fully comprehensive no obligation quotation, including a detailed specification. This is used to measure our performance.

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