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Unsightly graffiti and unwelcome vandalism is not only damaging to the physical fabric of a building, it can be really damaging for the reputation of your business or your street. For a business, it can give the impression your company doesn’t care about its public image. Even worse, it can attract further crime and put customers off. For residential addresses, it can contribute to social unrest and devalue property prices.

Graffiti on walls and surfaces can vary in styles and comes in many forms such as paints, markers and adhesive labels, which can be difficult to remove with normal cleaning methods.

Using minimally invasive techniques, CASS can remove graffiti on a range of surfaces with outstanding and cost-effective results. Once removed, we can treat the affected area with a range of anti-graffiti treatments to suit the substrate. Our technical services manager will survey your site and provide a fully-costed proposal.

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