Case Studies

Client: BT

The problem

We were briefed by a company providing IT support for BT to clean their carpets. The carpets hadn’t been cleaned for over eight years. With staff walking around all day, office carpets are notorious breeding grounds for a variety of harmful bacteria and allergens. They can remain deep inside the carpet and cause health issues. Liquids are often spilled to and many other types of food debris can lead to soiling which can’t be removed from everyday hoovering or a quick wipe. Over time, carpets can begin to smell.

How we cleaned up

Carpets can be a major cost and with regular cleaning, you can save money and get a better return on investment.

CASS recommended deep cleaning using our hot water extraction system. Using Prochem equipment and chemical blends, our service teams pre-spotted all areas. We cleaned over 2,500m2 over one weekend and with very little disruption to client activities.

The results

We removed tough stains and odours and they’ve now extended the life of their carpet and improved the cleanliness of the office. The carpets now smell clean and fresh and in terms of aesthetic appearance, the difference is amazing. A maintenance system for carpet cleaning has been designed for future planning.