Client Compliments CASS on Service Levels

11 April, 2022

Client Compliments CASS on Service Levels

Our team operates across the country, working away behind the scenes ensuring our clients premises are clean and hygienic for their employees and their customers.

Very often the service we provide goes un-noticed, and occasionally the work we do is recognised and when it is we like to share it. Its great for CASS and great for our team members.

Very recently one of our clients shared with us a great testimonial from a member his team regarding the cleaning we do at their site and we wanted to share this with you.

“Hi, I hope you are well.

I just want to let you know how amazing Chris (Security), Marta and June have been ever since we have taken up residency on the third floor.

They have been so supportive and helpful and nothing is too much. They have impressed our clients, with their ‘can do attitude’ and this has been reflected back in an email we received on how hospitable we have all been including Chris, June and Marta.

Every time I move furniture in preparation for delivery of a new campaign, without me having to say anything, June and Marta always make sure everything is clean and ready to go. Marta even looked after our plant for us when we went into lockdown.

We feel very much that they are part of our team and without them , we would not be able to shine with our clients. ”

We love this and have passed this onto our cleaning team, along with a small reward for their hard work.